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I grew up in an up and coming suburbs of Maryland. I had 3 sisters, 1 brother and Mother. I didn’t know my father growing up and there were many lessons that I missed with regard to masculine energy. I didn’t even know what that meant.


While moving through life without a father I had a very strong and independent mother. She was feminine on the outside and masculine in her thinking. I grew to understand that it was me myself and I that would make something out of myself and that there was no knight coming to “save” me.


Because of the limited resources my mother had, it motivated me into wanting to achieve more for myself. I didn’t want a lack of education or money to stop me from living the life I wanted to live. After the birth of my first daughter, my drive was kicked into super overdrive.


I always wanted to be a wife and mother but I wanted a career, sometimes even more. I enjoyed working and creating opportunities for myself and others.


My husband however, wanted a wife. Though at times he seemed like my wife, I couldn’t understand his growing resentment towards me the more achievements I accomplished. I thought for sure he should be so proud of me. His lips would say so, his energy not so much.


Owning multiple day spas, working with celebrities, being featured in magazines and media is exhilarating and fun. I felt a sense of accomplishment and could pat myself on the back for having achieved what I set out to do. But with all that, my personal life was a disaster. I just didn’t get it.


Feminine and masculine energy is real. Knowing what those energies are and how to balance them is crucial in relationships. Some may call it giving in, keeping quiet, being weak and so on. It’s not. It’s actually empowering once you have the understanding and tools to use the energy. 


Having a balanced energy is not some esoteric mumbo jumbo scheme to “manifesting your dreams.” It’s a real practical state of being that will aid you in how you see yourself and others. It will also create the true heart felt love of life. 


I’m happy to teach you the lessons I’ve learned with a realistic viewpoint from your experiences. You will be able to use the coaching techniques immediately and achieve your goals.


Don’t give up on your relationship until you’ve tried just one more thing!! And if you are at the end or beginning of your relationship the strategies that I teach will always serve you and others!


More love is on its way ❤️ Trish.

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