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Wedding Rings 2

The Vetting Before Wedding System

Stop Wasting Time With The Wrong Men

The Vetting Before Wedding System is an online self study course designed to:

  • discover why you keep choosing the wrong partner time and time again

  • choose partners who embody ALL of the traits you're looking for

  • put an end to giving your all only to get nothing in return

  • stop martyring yourself while trying to earn his love

  • attract a partner naturally

This Exclusive Course Is Packed With Finally Getting The Love You Desire

Module 1

Uncover Who You Really Are

10 Lessons, 10 Worksheets, 10 Question/Answer Journals

  • how to be authentically yourself

  • what your past relationships have incorrectly taught you about love

  • what you’re bringing to the table in your relationships

  • what you absolutely cannot compromise on in relationships

Module 2

Discover Why It Never Worked Out

10 Lessons, 10 Worksheets, 10 Question/Answer Journals

  • how limiting beliefs about men are attracting the wrong men to you

  • the real costs of trying to make it work with the wrong men

  • how to trust your intuition when it comes to dating

  • how to stop making excuses for red flags because you’re desperate to make it work with him

Module 3

Attract A Worthy Partner

10 Lessons, 10 Worksheets, 10 Question/Answer Journals

  • what true femininity is and how it attracts men

  • how to speak to communication effectively

  • how to attract a high-quality man without compromising your values

  • how to properly vet a man to figure out if he’s a worthy partner

  • enhance your natural beauty

Module 4

Identify Your True Standards of Love

10 Lessons, 10 Worksheets, 10 Question/Answer Journals

  • what true masculinity is and how it attracts women

  • decode the man "code"

  • decipher true providers & protectors

  • characteristics of commitment minded men

  • what role sex and money play in vetting a potential partner

40 Audio/Visual Lessons

40 Worksheets To Master Concepts

40 Question/Answers Journal For Further Discovery


Bonus Offer #1

Self Care Tracker

Bonus Offer #2

Biblical Scripture

Bonus Offer #3

Dating Dollars Spreadsheet

Bonus Offer #4

Spiritual Journal


With the proper knowledge and application you will avoid dating mistakes that often causes you to:

  • waste precious time when you no longer have time to waste

  • become desperate for love due to rejection of Mr. Wrong while Mr. Right is searching for you

  • exhaust yourself kissing frogs when just one prince is all you want and need

  • celebrate everyone around you happily married though you'd like to experience the joy of marriage for yourself

  • feel the "clock" ticking down, but you know your destined to be a mother or have more children

What You've Learned About Choosing A Man To Love, Has Caused Your Picker To Be Off - Way Off!

Until you learn how to:

  • get clear on who you are and what you truly need in a relationship

  • stop limiting beliefs from ruining your relationships

  • take a break from content overload and learn immediate concepts that work

  • find out what a quality, commitment minded man really wants

  • immediately spot the time wasters

  • how to chose a qualified partner

  • how to tell if a man is faking his love for you to get what he wants

  • what to do with red flags

  • how to tell if a man is ready for a commitment and especially one with you

  • learn what a man really wants from you before you waste your time, money and tears'll be stuck in this continuous cycle of meaningless, unfulfilling relationships that end with you being alone.

I'm here to help you put an end to this cycle - for good!

Hi!  I'm Trish.  A licensed and certified relationship coach and multi-spa owner.  As an ambitious and action taker woman, I just couldn't get it right at love. I tired myself out trying to make it work in both short and long term relationships.  Before I figured out how to tell early on If a man was willing to commit to me, I moved from failed relationship to failed relationship without the true reason of what went wrong.


Finally, after I had my heart crushed with a bad breakup I decided I was going to take the time to find out how to get love right. With what I learned, I was able to stop dating men who I knew intuitively where not the one for me. I'm so glad I did and finally attracted the love that I've always wanted!

By implementing this step by step system, I will guide you to do the same.  Get fast results just like others who have already taken this life changing course!


Stop Wasting Time Dating Mr. Wrong When Mr. Right Is Looking For You!

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