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Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Everything in the beauty and wellness industry is changing. Now more than ever, your successful beauty business and romantic relationship must adapt to prepare for what's on the horizon. More customers! 

We would love to help everyone, however,

our goal is to assist those who would benefit the most from

The Vision Of Beauty Coaching & Consulting.

Solopreneurs, Beautypreneurs, Ambitious Women, Alpha Types and Wellness Professionals who make over $80,000/year find the most value in our 1:1 consulting program.


For More Money & More Love

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Residual Income

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Strategic Insight & Innovation

Romantic Positioning

Are you ready to earn more in the ever-growing digital space?  Don't get left behind in this multi-billion dollar revenue stream.

Are you ready for objectionable insight to create a sustainable way forward in more sales and expansion?

Are you ready to maintain or attract a healthy romantic partnership?  We know it's not just about the money it's also about your heart.

Thank you, I learned so much.  I literally know how to run a business because of what I learned from you.  

I really and truly appreciate you! 

Tisi Smith, Spa Owner - Fantisi Medspa

Your vision as a business owner is easier to achieve when you have the right strategy in place.   

At The Vision Of Beauty, let us show the way forward with our boutique style and client-focused approach.

Our consultancy service offering is custom-tailored for you.


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Award-Winning  Business Owner - Multiple Locations

A beauty professional with over 15 years of experience including a celebrity list of clients, operating a flagship skincare retail location, and building an elite group of highly sought-after stylists, I will guide you toward your goals of navigating the rewards of successful entrepreneurship.  Save time, energy, resources, and a broken heart with private consulting.

Certified Relationship & Business Coach

Beauty and wellness professionals count on me when they are ready to make a bold move in business while maintaining or attracting a healthy romantic partnership.

Press and Media

Featured industry expert in Lucky Magazine, The Knot Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Charlotte Observer, Voyage Atl, Fox 5, WSB TV and many more.

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