Trish Upton, LE

Certified Femininity, Beauty, Relationship & Business Consultant

Change is coming – and you can feel it...

You’ve allowed your intuition to guide you here. And because of that, you’re already on track to achieving all that you yearn for in life.


You just don’t know it yet, because it’s too easy to ignore change as it calls, and you continue to fall back into the same old patterns.  Are you:

  • an ambitious woman entrepreneur who wants to enhance your

worth in business and love,

  • a nurturing and emotionally soft woman who wishes to be more assertive in getting your needs met the way you meet the needs of others in every aspect of your life,

  • looking to learn what true femininity and masculinity is all about in order to show up as your authentic self?



Now’s the time to act with purpose and intent.

Do you want to resign to an unfulfilling fate?



Do you want to be fully present in the life you’ve always dreamt of having?


You know the answer, that’s why you’re here.


If you find yourself wondering which way to go — below are your signs from the universe to regain control of your life and guide it towards the path of progression.

Browse each section and schedule conveniently online to find out how you can benefit from:


harnessing your natural feminine power

glowing up, inside and out

attracting and maintaining your ideal relationship

creating work life balance


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