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We Guide Rapidly Growing Beauty Brands Into Becoming

A Household Name


For Founders Committed to Scaling Their Vision Of Beauty


The Vision Of Beauty transforms founders' visions into world-class brands through coaching, consulting, and project management accelerating brand success.


With two decades of experience building luxury brands in the personal care industry, we are the elite partner your brand needs.

Ambition can be exhilarating, and at the same time not always glamorous.


Let's face it, industry leaders tend to wear too many hats, especially if experiencing rapid growth, limited staff, or new products/services entering the marketplace. 

It's time to make bold moves with support, knowledge, and strategic connections for you and your brand.

Diving deep into your unique challenges we identify untapped opportunities, and develop tailored solutions.  


As strategic partners, we'll guide you to increased professional success + personal fulfillment.


And we're here 👏🏾 for 👏🏾 it 👏🏾 

You Are More Than Capable Of Achieving Your Highest Goals, Look At How Far You've Already Come!


Providing instruction, training, and guidance to help individuals or teams improve their performance.



Take the guesswork and piecing the beauty puzzle together off your mind with trusted strategic advisement, and mentorship reducing time while increasing productivity.


A comprehensive process of planning, organizing, and executing every aspect of a project from initiation to completion.



 A study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that 84% of leaders who had an advisor said it helped them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Trish Upton, Founder & CEO

The Vision Of Beauty

Coaching & Consulting

An award-winning and published executive, with nearly two decades of experience in the beauty, fashion, and wellness industries my focused attention is on founders committed to scaling their vision of beauty. With a robust and private client list including founders, celebrities, royals, CEOs, and C-suite professionals success is at the heart of what we do.


Having the experience and knowing firsthand the complexities of owning, operating, and scaling several brands creates the catalyst for the next generation of beauty leaders.

Are you ready for your next best step in the $600Bn global personal care industry?


Our specialized approach collapses time while creating the biggest impact for long-term success without burnout for current and emerging leaders.


Clients contact us when:

- experiencing rapid growth,

- new business development,

- strategic planning,

- product/service development,

- industry networking,

- training initiatives,

- distribution and manufacturing,

- branding/rebranding,

- marketing/ads management,

- creative artist management,

- media training,

- expansion into new markets,

- recent press or media +/-,

- on-boarding within a new role,

- professional development,

- executive advising,

- increasing leadership skills,

- enhancing communication skills,

- reverse a negative workplace,

- challenges in the heart or home causing spillage into work.


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