Even If He Has 1 Foot Out The Door

The desires of your heart haven't changed.  You still want love, fidelity, and partnership.

How stressful is it, to deal with what's actually going on in your relationship? 

All the drama and confusion which is exhausting for both of you.

The irritation and lack of respect no matter how much you try holding your tongue.

The distance between the two of you.  Sometimes it's just easier not to talk, especially if it's just going to end in another ridiculous fight.

The power struggle and passive aggressive behavior which lead to games + heartache + tears.


Or worse he's just not that into you anymore.  And sadly, you know it.

All of this is causing him to be confused

about whether he even wants

to be with you anymore, let alone continue any sort of commitment to you.

Have you asked yourself, what's he going to get if he chooses to continue"thugging it out" with you?  
What man wants to do that?

More of your "strong women - hear me roar
battle invitation?

"go play with your friends, not with me attitude"?

"I don't need you, I want you there's a difference"
boss lady talk?

"I'll make like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand"
and do nothing until it magically gets better.

Keep it up, until your man walks out the door completely on you and turns his head to the side chick.

None of this behavior works (with any man). Because the numbers are in his favor while the grass is green, long and wide.

With a quick swipe right, and 
a click of a button, he's gone.

See, one thing the side chick learned that you didn't was what it takes to get a man to commit, and it's not by her being weak
or her slippery lips. Lol, I'm just being real.

It's not your fault that you didn't learn.  

After all, where were the role models of a
happy, healthy family that you witnessed growing up?

Emphasis on getting educated, securing a good-paying job, and the ever-present downfall of the generations before you, learning how to make love work has to be taught.

With the ugly history of the past still looming, the blindspot you're missing in your relationship creates more of an imbalance in what should be your happily ever after.

If you really want to keep your good man, then there's work to do while you still have him and get off the emotional roller coaster and back to the fulfillment of love, and togetherness.

It's not all on you, he does bear responsibilities in 
making it work too.

Why do you have to do the heavy lifting and bending over backward all the time for the relationship?
You're not his personal gymnast!

Why do you have to keep putting up with his
explanations and excuses which justifies why he keeps doing
what he knows you don't like?

Well, you don't.  But you do have to take action for the part you're responsible for in order to move the connection he wants to have with you back in your favor.

Are you ready, to learn what you should  be doing that makes love work?

Are you willing to do what you have not been doing to reach your vision of happiness?



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Hi there! I'm Trish!

A licensed and certified relationship coach and award-winning business owner. An ambitious and action-taking woman, I just couldn't maintain a connection to my husband.  I tired myself out trying to make it work for years on end. Before I figured out how men genuinely love, cherish, appreciate and commit to women, I was on a roller coaster of emotions and failed attempts.  I moved from failed effort too failed effort without the true reason of what went wrong.


Finally, after I had my heart crushed with a bad separation leading to endless teary nights, I decided I was going to take the time to find out how to get love right.  With what I learned, I was able to start reconnecting with my partner.  I'm so glad I did and finally attracted the love from him that I've always wanted!

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Just know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Learn how before it's too late.

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