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Even if you're single, currently dating, or divorced.
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If you're looking for love, want to enhance your relationship, or are headed down the wedding aisle... you have landed on the right page!
I'm Trish, as a wife and mother for over a decade I know firsthand how attracting the right partner for you is crucial in obtaining happily ever after...

I've worked for many years as an entrepreneur and own several brands including a coaching/consulting company that helps support professional women in relationships, femininity, and business.

As a highly sought-after licensed and certified service provider, I am an award-winning professional published in many magazines, newspapers, and media outlets. Including Lucky Magazine, The Knot Magazine, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution to name a few.
But most of all...
I have a passion for helping women create and achieve the fullness of their hearts, along with their ambitious endeavors.
Just like I have helped achieve many positive outcomes for women, through my direct but gentle approach to attracting and securing love.
And the reason I tell you this is so that you know the complimentary help you're about to receive comes from truly being able to quickly access your situation and provide you with a winning strategy for your unique goals...
Someone who helps women just like you attract your equal
and the love you truly desire.
With that being said...
Let's talk about your complimentary offer for help 
Here's The Deal
For a very limited time (and a very limited amount of people who qualify), I'm offering a complimentary 15 minute "strategy" call.
The goal for you on this call?
On this insightful call, I'm going to reveal to you one actionable piece of advice to show you exactly how you can attract the type of relationship you truly desire...
It'll be specific...
It'll be step-by-step...
And it'll be fitting to your unique design of partnership...
In order to achieve this within 15 minutes, the call will be structured as follows...
First, I will ask you some simple questions about the relationship you desire...
No worries, it won't be intrusive or complex
And then second...
Based on your answers I'm going to tell you what to do immediately to attract the relationship you desire.
In fact...
It'll all be spelled out for you step-by-step.
Oh, and the best news?
There's nothing to sell on this call.
Yes, it's 100% complimentary and 100% void of any sales pitch!!
Are you wondering...
Why Would I Gift You This 15 Minute Strategy Call Complimentary?
And that's a good question!
There are 2 reasons:
The first reason is because this is my passion.
Being able to play a part in teaching other Kingdom women just like yourself how to attract your King is so rewarding for those who believe!
So anytime I can get on a call and help another woman overcome a romantic challenge or even a mindset block...
Then it makes it all worth it for me.
The second reason I'm making you this generous offer complimentary is because...
Sometimes these calls turn into client relationships.
"Wait! What?  I thought you said there was no sales pitch on this call"!
And you're right!
There is no sales pitch.
And yet, after the 15-minute call, women ask how they can work with me, which typically starts at mid-three figures for this information they are ready to learn.
Whether its 1 day after, 1 week after or even 1 year... women reach out and ask to work together.
So for me, I'm OK with giving away these calls complimentary for a limited time because I know it's helpful for women who want it all!
At the end of the conversation, you'll have my specific advice on what to do next to attract or retain the right relationship for you.
With that being said...
This Complimentary Offer Is Not For Everyone
Here's Who It's A Good Fit/Not A Good Fit For:
I can only help a very specific type of woman on these calls.
Therefore, you need to meet this fairly stringent criteria.
First, you must have a positive attitude toward love, be healed from your past relationships, and be willing to apply the strategies right away, as you have zero time to waste to receive love.
And that means showing up for yourself and doing the necessary work to attract a true authentic high-character man, just like you did when obtaining your degree, starting your company or giving birth.
Second, you must be finished dating low character men.
High-character men are not toxic and won't marry women who currently date those types of men.
And finally,
Attracting love is a "now" problem for you. Meaning you need and want a man NOW!
Not 6 months from now,
Or 1 month from now,
Even two weeks from now.
You are ready for Love NOW otherwise there's no need to speaking just yet.
And that's it.
Those are all my criteria, easy right?
Next steps:
This Is A Very Limited Opportunity!
Once again, this complimentary call won't be available forever.
In fact, I often take this offer down without notice because of the influx of calls.
Which means if you come back tomorrow (or even tonight), it may not be here.
Here's What To Do Next:
To schedule your 15 minute complimentary strategy session simply,
1.  Click the link below,
2.  Pick a convenient time on my calendar, and
3.  Fill out the short questionnaire (it helps us maximize our time together).
From there, I'll call you on the number you provide at the allotted time and I will guide you through the 15 minute strategy session.
Easy enough right?
Here's the link to schedule your call now:
xoxo, Trish
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