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How To Go From
Misbehaved To Ms. Behaved Without The DRAMA

"So You Can Win Fast in Life & Love"

Hi there and welcome!

I’m Trish Upton, Licensed and Certified Relationship Coach and founder of The Vision Of Beauty Coaching & Consulting.  The program is an advanced inner work program for women who wants to become who she was born to be: 
successful in life and love.

You're Not Here By Coincidence

You're here because you know that there are more effective ways to live your life.

You know you need to get yourself and your life together, but the advice of friends, family and motivational speakers just isn't cutting it.

Well now you're here and you've come to the right place.

I help women just like you level up their life. And I want to start by congratulating you...

On officially positioning yourself to become your highest and most lovable self.

It's time to start growing into the person you were always meant to be.  You can feel it in your bones, you've always known it.  But now it's time to prove yourself right.

This is confirmation that there is more to you and in you than what you have been displaying.

And the best news?

I'm kicking off the next 4 week lesson on how you can go from

MisBehaved to Ms. Behaved - Relationship Edition

for the super low cost of $27


This is my favorite training for misunderstood women who have been called...


bossy, aggressive, docile, rude, mean, childish, disrespectful, intimidating, manly, flashy, desperate, thirsty, sarcastic, loud, immature, spoiled, entitled, stupid or worse - just like I was...

But acting up is a symptom of deeper problems, and until you address them, you will not get to where you want to be in life.

Are you  ready to learn how to adjust your behavior while attracting love from the right person?


I'm here to support you in your effort to level up and finally break free of being

the "drama queen" with no crown!


Get To The Heart Of The Matter Right Now

We both know there is still A LOT more to learn when it comes to...


Things like...

  • ​How to manage emotions

  • ​How to be treated with respect

  • ​How to vet/choose the right love for you

  • ​How to get over the past

  • ​How to stop being a doormat or passive & aggressive at the same time

  • How to get him to commit to you

Wow! Overwhelming, right?!


I get it, and I know more than anyone how you feel....


Because of my own misbehaving, I continuously got used, played, abused and dumped by men.  I finally had enough and took the same courageous steps you're about to take, to learn how to cut it out once and for all.


What I discovered was that all it took was...

Learning How To Stop Sabotaging Myself


Here's What You Get

4 Weekly Online Coaching Lessons

4 Weekly Level Up Assignments

From Misbehaved to Ms. Behaved E-learning Course

12 Month Access To Private Facebook Group

On-going Learning Tools To Continue Knowledge

Do The Work Transformation & Enlightenment

All for $27

Yes, I Want To Enroll Before The Door Closes


Here's what my clients have to say:


Your Willingness Makes All The Difference

This program is not for you if:

You're not ready right now to change your habits and learn something new to become a better version of who you are currently


You're seeking revenge so you can "get him back"


You want to allure men with your sexuality


Not willing to engage while in sessions


Have a judgey attitude about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.


Know it all type of personality

Here's Why I'm Doing This For You...

I want to help us heal.  It hurts to not be chosen, looked down upon, dismissed, have a bad reputation and mislabeled. The tears of living this way lead to broken hearts and disappointments.  We were never created to live this way.  It is unnatural for women not be loved, cherished, respected and adored.

Here's What You Need To Do Next

Enroll now for the next online sessions 

The doors are closing soon!

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If you'd like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the button below before it expires. 

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