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The 30-Day Dating Coaching Program

For Successful Single Women Who Want To Avoid Dating Unworthy Men

Are you tired of dating men who don't meet your standards? Do you want to attract and date worthy men who will treat you with the love and respect you deserve?  
Want to put the fun back in dating?
Our program is designed to help you do just that.

(4) - 60min. 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Individualized sessions with a certified and licensed relationship coach, you'll gain quick strides in your dating life.  Real-time feedback and step-by-step process to dating success.

Supplemental Guide -

6 Ways To Attract A Man

Increase your natural beauty, appearance, attraction and demeanor. 

Purposeful Dating Strategies

Attract a partner pre-dating, and communicate effectively. How to use your past experiences for strengthening confidence, enjoy friends/family while dating, and create and stick to dating boundaries.  Uncover blind spots in self-awareness and position yourself to be seen as a wife/partner.

Supplemental Guide -

Women Who Chase Men

Dating in the drivers seat without a seat belt leads to head-on collissions.  Learn how to use your unique go-get em' personality to arrive safely while dating.

Wide Variety & Range Of Topics

Including traditional and modern dating, dating after breakup/divorce, and feminine/masculine energies in dating. How to handle untrustworthy men, dating with children, and how sex/money play a role in successful dating.

Supplemental Guide -

What's On His Mind

Eliminate confusing conversations/behaviors by having the key to understanding what's below the surface on his mind.

Focus on intention, not distractions.
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