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In Need Of A Trusted Advisor?

You're Not Alone.

Gaining support from a trustworthy mentor to guide you through your professional journey is one of the fastest ways to rapid growth and long-term sustainability without burnout.


As a female founder and leader, my personal brand is all about being an empowering force of guidance, know-how, and thought leadership in the beauty, fashion, and wellness industries. 


Supporting CEOs and their leadership teams will collapse time and accelerate sales + productivity.


Thriving both personally and professionally reduces the weight of a demanding career for everyone who is on this journey with you!

Ambition can be exhilarating but not always

glamorous at the same time.


And let's face it, industry leaders tend to put themselves last, especially if they have experienced rapid growth, high turnover, or a recent feature in the press.

It's time to make some bold moves to continue elevating you and your brand.


As a strategic & trusted advisor, you won't find Googleable advice or time-wasting actions.


We dive deep into your unique challenges, identify untapped opportunities, and develop tailored solutions that will set you on the path to increased professional success + personal fulfillment.


We're not afraid to ask tough questions and we know you're not afraid to answer.


This is where growth occurs and

leadership skills are sharpened.


And we're here 👏🏾 for 👏🏾 it 👏🏾 

It's Time To Break Up With Your Comfort Zone & Embrace The Transformation That's Calling YOU Higher.

With a trusted advisor, you can achieve a multitude of positive outcomes. Here are some of the potential benefits you can experience:

Improved self-confidence: As you grow and develop, you'll gain a stronger belief in yourself and your abilities.

Enhanced resilience: Equips you with the tools to overcome challenges and bounce back from setbacks with greater ease.

Increased productivity: Developing new skills and strategies can help you become more efficient and effective in your work, leading to higher productivity levels.

Better relationships: By improving your communication and emotional intelligence, you can develop deeper connections and foster healthier relationships with creatives, colleagues, friends, and family.

Greater adaptability: Encourage flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to navigate change and uncertainty more smoothly.

Expanded knowledge and skills: Continually developing yourself exposes you to new ideas, concepts, and skills, broadening your horizons and making you a more versatile individual.

Enhanced leadership abilities: Developing your leadership skills can help you become a more effective and influential leader, inspiring and guiding others toward success.

Increased job satisfaction: Align your work with your values and passions, leading to a greater sense of fulfillment in your career.

Improved well-being: Taking care of your personal growth positively impacts your mental and emotional well-being, leading to reduced stress and increased happiness.

Increased opportunities: Open doors to new opportunities, and exciting ventures outside of your comfort zone.

Personal development is a journey, and the specific outcomes will vary based on your goals and aspirations. By committing to your growth, you open yourself up to a world of positive changes that can transform your life for the better!



 A study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that 84% of leaders who had an advisor said it helped them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Trish Upton, Founder & CEO

The Vision Of Beauty

Coaching & Consulting

An award-winning and published executive, with nearly two decades of experience in the beauty, fashion, and wellness industries my focused attention is women in leadership roles.  With a robust and private client list including celebrities, royals, CEOs, and C-suite professionals success doesn't have to be in vain.


I know firsthand the complexities of women in leadership roles, and how far too often they suffer unnecessarily in silence both professionally and personally even after proving their worth and validated abilities.  There is a more natural solution for women.

Are you ready for your next best step in personal elevation and professional growth?


My specialized approach creates the biggest impact for long-term success without burnout for current and emerging leaders.


With a keen grasp of insight, I speak truth to power while endearing compassion for co-creating an equilibrium of professional strength and inner peace.  


Clients contact me when:

- experience rapid growth,

- recent press or media (positive/negative)

- on-boarding within a new or an existing role,

- need professional & personal development,

- for executive advising,

- development of leadership skills,

- enhancing communication skills,

- new business initiatives,

- creating change in negative work environments,

- challenges in the heart or home causing spillage into work.


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