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The 60-Day Boss Lady Relationship
Coaching Program

For High Achieving Women With Relationship Challenges

At The Vision of Beauty, our goal is to help you create a strong, healthy and lasting relationship. We provide you with the tools and techniques to help you get to the root cause of your relationship challenges and create a path to success at work and home. Experience and compassion is what you'll find. Create balance and harmony in your life and relationships. We believe that you deserves to have a healthy, fulfilling life and we are here to help you get there.

(4) - 60min. 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Individualized accelerated sessions with a certified and licensed relationship/business coach, you'll gain quick strides in your relationship.  Real-time feedback and step-by-step process to your relationship success while handling business at work.

Femininity Coaching

Create a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and the people around you.  Discover the power of femininity and how to use it to create healthy relationships. Develop the skills you need to understand and communicate effectively, while also balancing your femininity. Overcome challenges and obstacles with grace, de-escalate tense situations with ease, and maintain healthy relationships with the people in your life.

Purposeful Relationship Strategies

Maintain healthy relationships and begin to communicate so you both can hear. How to disagree without disrespect.  Gain emotional and mental clarity.  Uncover blind spots in self-awareness and position yourself as the partner you want to be while building  or maintaining your career.

Masculinity Coaching

Empowering masculine women to reach their highest potential. Guiding women build and maintain a team at work and home, and provide best practices for masculine/feminine women. Create genuine work/life balance, using energy for profit, being married to the boss, and avoiding ruining relationships due to ambition. Confidence and knowledge to succeed in your life and career..

Wide Variety & Range Of Topics

Including traditional and modern relationships, relationships after breakup/divorce, and how to deal with misplaced jealousy and envy. How to handle untrustworthy men, dating with children, and how sex/money play a role in successful partnerships.  How to get your needs/wants met with agreement & commitment while being the bread winner.

5 Supplemental Guides -

- What's On His Mind

- Revive, Rebuild, Restore, Romantic Relationships

- Unlock His Heart

- 6 Ways To Attract A Man

- Ambitiously Feminine

Eliminate confusing conversations/behaviors by having the key to understanding what's below the surface on his mind.  There is a secret that becomes uncovered when you thoroughly understand what he thinks and how he feels about you.  Once this is revealed you'll begin to understand how you got here and how to return to love.  

Focus on intention, not distractions.
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